Need Better Tools for your

media ministry, but have no budget?





Connect Media Ministries has been formed to provide grants to needy stations to get that processor or computer or transmitter that could make your station so much better. I remember as the manager of a brand, new start-up radio station in 1985, we had practically nothing. Our studio had used equipment, homemade furniture and little money to make improvements. I am pretty sure there are some Christian broadcasters today who are in the same boat. Maybe you are a LP-FM. Maybe you are trying to reach an area with few churches and getting listener support is hard. We have a grant request form that you may fill out. I hope we can make a difference in your station and ultimately in your listeners.


Another purchase that many new or financially challenged stations struggle with is being able to afford the computer software that would streamline your operation. I hear a number of engineers asking where they can get a “free” program to do some task because management won’t spring for $50 to buy the program made to do just what you need. Check our grant application to apply for a software grant so that you can accomplish your vision in the most efficient way possible.


We are in the process of developing a voice tracking service and some specialty programs to fill up some of your open weekend shifts. There will be a limit on how many stations we can serve, but we’d like to provide this as a free service as well. I’ll give you more information as this develops.

Grant Application

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Jim McDermott, PO Box 800, Camdenton, MO 65020